Cycling around Bewl Water Lake/Reservoir

20th June 2020

It was our third time back at Bewl Water Lake /Reservoir on a very beautiful sunny day after the slight easing of lock-down in the UK. Bewl Water is one of the gems in Kent. It hosts a range of water activities including pedalo and row boats, canoeing, sailing mostly in summer. However, the best part of making a trip to Bewl Water is to challenge yourselves to complete a walk around or cycle around the large lake with ample of hidden creeks and inlets. These hidden creeks and inlets will surely mislead you and add to your timings if you are not careful with the use of the map or following the directions along the path.

Gorgeous view of the lake during the ride

The full route around the water is 12.5 miles and can be walked, run or cycled, with bike hire available from March-October or you can bring your own.

My husband and I had cycled at Bewl Water before however we did not complete the trail around the lake due to reasons such as the trail being muddy slippery and groggy during autumn and winter seasons and also our lack of self-confidence prior to our third visit. On our third visit to Bewl Water, we invited two of our close friends to join us. They decided to walk around the lake while we challenged ourselves to complete cycling around the lake in 2 hours.

The trail was in an excellent condition as oppose to our first and second visit mainly because it is summer and the grounds are usually dry and firm.

Along the trail, we were blessed to witness lots of scenic beauties of the lake. The trail is pretty much shady in most parts which makes it easier to ride even on a hot sunny weather. However, you do need to hydrate and fuel your self with a healthy bar of snack or a piece of fruit during the ride.

As promised, we completed our ride in almost two hours.

After the ride, our friends joined us for a nice picnic on a luscious ground overseeing the serene Bewl Water Lake/ reservoir.

Small children were having their best time at the bank of the lake
Watching the magic unfolding…….

You are one ride away

from a good mood

Sarah Bentley, British Cyclist

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